Just wanted to share some exciting news from June 2022 – I decided to take action and submitted a trademark application to protect the beloved Penny’s Boutique® brand. You know how it goes in the wild world of e-commerce; there are always copycats lurking around, shamelessly stealing my photos and descriptions, and trying to pass off their inferior goods as the real deal. Not cool!

But guess what? Today, I can finally do a little happy dance because my trademark has officially been registered with the USPTO! Woohoo! 🎉

It’s a huge relief to have that extra layer of protection for Penny’s Boutique®. Now those pesky copycats will think twice before messing with our hard-earned reputation.

Thanks to everyone who supported me through this process – your encouragement and positivity kept me going. It’s a reminder that when we stand up for what’s ours, good things can happen.

So here’s to many more successful years of Penny’s Boutique®, where authenticity and quality always reign supreme! Cheers!